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Cabling Services

We provide professional cabling solutions to companies of all scales, of diverse industries and regional locations.


Our strength lies on responding directly to our client’s needs regardless the scale of their project. To better assist them we provide a comprehensive variety of services:

  • Data and Voice; Cabling; Cat 5E, Cat 6 and 7
  • (VOIP) Phones and Traditional Phone Systems
  • Fiber: Single and Multi-Mode
  • Indoor, outdoor, underground and aerial
  • Clean Up and Maintenance
  • CCTV, Surveillance Cameras and Card Readers
  • Audio
  • Wireless Networking Infrastructure
  • Point of Sale Cabling (POS)
  • New Construction
  • Map Documentation

Networks & Cabling

Sun Wiring ® has extensive experience implementing data, voice and video cabling systems for a variety of applications.

Map Documentation

Sun Wiring ® can help you evaluate your existing cabling infrastructure and /or map documentation for modifications based on specifications or as part of a restoring effort.

Assessment & Quoting

We take a hand in hand project evaluations with our clients and provide them with the most productive and suitable solutions possible based on our knowledge and experience.

Our Clients

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