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Cabling Services

Our company specializes in delivering comprehensive and efficient cabling solutions to organizations of varying sizes, across a range of industries and geographical locations.


Welcome to, we at Sun Wiring®  are dedicated to serving our clients with customized solutions to meet their unique needs, no matter the size of their project. We offer a full range of services to ensure that each client receives the expert support and guidance they require.

  • Structured Cabling Networks
  • Data & Voice Cabling; Cat 5E, Cat 6 and 7
  • (VOIP) Phones and Traditional Phone Systems
  • Fiber: Single and Multi-Mode
  • Wireless Networking Infrastructure
  • Audio/Visual Wiring
  • CCTV, Surveillance Cameras and Card Readers
  • Access Control Systems
  • Copper & Fiber Backbone
  • Professional Design & Consulting Services
  • Map Documentation
  • Clean Up and Maintenance
  • Indoor, outdoor, underground and aerial
  • Point of Sale Cabling (POS)
  • New Construction
  • Construction Management
  • Tenant Build-Out & Remodel
  • Sign Installation & Matinenance
  • Commercial & Residential Automation
  • LED Lighting Design & Implimentation
  • Site Lighting Installation & Matinenance
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Landscape Lighting

Networks & Cabling

Sun Wiring ® has extensive experience implementing data, voice and video cabling systems for a variety of applications.

Map Documentation

Sun Wiring ® can help you evaluate your existing cabling infrastructure and /or map documentation for modifications based on specifications or as part of a restoring effort.

Assessment & Quoting

We take a hand in hand project evaluations with our clients and provide them with the most productive and suitable solutions possible based on our knowledge and experience.

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