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Security System Integration

SunWiring® offers full-service Security Integration Installations of IP Cameras and Access Control Systems, along with Gate Controls, Intercom Systems, and Alarm Systems.  

As security needs increase many of our customers are choosing IP cameras to monitor their industrial, commercial, and retail buildings. 

Along with IP cameras we also provide a level of security through Access Control to our customers to ensure access only to authorized personnel.  Our experienced team of installers have wired and installed security products in buildings such as schools, universities, warehouses, hotels, airports, hospitals, business offices, power plants, power control houses, data centers, financial institutions, and entertainment venues.

We are specialists in the integration of security systems

  • Wiring buildings for IT networks to support the security products to be installed
  • Installing most Major Security Manufactured products
  • Connecting cameras and access control to a customer’s network
  • Testing, training, and post-installation service contracts to maintain the security provided

    We can install customer provided security products at a single location or we can serve as your one point of contact to coordinate multiple jobs at various locations. As a multi-state licensed provider, SunWiring® can offer services throughout Florida and Georgia.